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Desk and chair knowledge
Release time:2018-09-25

Desk and chair type

According to the age group: kindergarten desks and chairs, primary school desks and chairs, middle school students desks and chairs, college students desks and chairs;

According to function: divided fixed desks and chairs and lift desks and chairs;

Divided by material: wooden desks and chairs, plastic desks and chairs, steel and wood desks and chairs.

According to the attribute: single desks and chairs, row of desks and chairs, usually called ladder desks and chairs

The development of desks and chairs in China

Our schools have continued to use traditional wood-making desks and chairs. Beginning in the 1980s, the eastern coastal areas began to learn from foreign experience, from the use of steel and wood to create desks and chairs, instead of wooden tables and chairs. Steel-wood desks and chairs have been produced by mechanical methods after more than 20 years of development. However, due to various defects such as loose nails, rust, and short service life, the first-generation desks and chairs cannot be completely replaced. In rural schools in most of the central and western regions, students still use the first generation of desks and chairs made of miscellaneous wood. The facts of years of use have also confirmed that the quality of student-made desks and chairs made of steel-wood is not much better than that of the first-generation wooden desks and chairs recognized by the education community. Therefore, although the development time has lasted for more than 20 years, the development speed has been Very slow, and currently only a transitional product, replacing the first generation of desks and chairs. The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. The materials used in the doors and windows of high-rise buildings in developed countries have gone through the three stages of “wood-iron-aluminum alloy”. More than 10 years ago, all of them began to replace the aluminum alloy with hard plastic. In recent years, the technical staff has designed a large number of plastic steel parts to replace the wood, iron, aluminum and other parts of automobiles, trains, ships and aircraft. The function is far superior to the former. To replace wood with plastic, to replace steel with plastic, to replace copper with plastic has become an inevitable trend of science and technology improvement, and it is also the only way for the development of China's manufacturing industry in the future. Desks and chairs are no exception. Moreover, the future desks and chairs can not only adjust the height, but also a kind of desks and chairs, which are composed of adjustable height desks, desks and adjustable spacing connecting panels, which solve the existing middle and primary school desks. The chair can't adjust the height of the table, the height of the chair, the spacing between the table and the chair. It can be used by students of various spring and autumn grades and various body shapes. It can be adjusted to the individual condition of each student to the sanitary scale of the desk and chair.


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